Nose & Sinus

Dr. Magill is an expert and diagnosing and treating medical and surgical conditions of the nose and sinuses. The nose provides essential functions of breathing, smell, air humidification and filtration. When the nose is not functioning properly, patients often feel like they cannot breathe well or can have facial pain and congestion. When the lining of the nose is inflamed, this leads to a condition called “rhinitis.”

Face & Skin

The face is the epicenter of human identity, expression, and communication. The skin of the face portrays our youth, health, and life experiences. Dr. Magill is fellowship training in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and treats face and skin related conditions on patients of all ages. Dr. Magill performs non-surgical facial rejuvenation with Botox, facial fillers, Sculptra therapy, and offers CO2 laser resurfacing for aging or sun damaged skin.


The eyelids are essential to the health of your vision. When upper eyelid skin becomes excessive or lax, the extra skin can obstruct vision out the corners of the eyes, creating a visual field deficit. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a surgery used to correct excess upper eyelid skin causing visual obstruction.

Cleft Lip & Palate

Babies with a cleft lip or palate may be diagnosed before birth or after delivery. Individuals may be born with a cleft lip, a cleft palate, or both together. Clefts of the lip and palate may be one sided (unilateral), affect two sides (bilateral) and may be complete or incomplete. A cleft may be associated with a syndrome or genetic cause.

Tonsils & Adenoids

The throat or “pharynx” begins behind the nose and ends where the esophagus and larynx divert air and food from each other. Tonsillar tissue in the throat is part of the immune system. There are several sets of tonsils in the pharynx, including the pharyngeal tonsils or adenoids, the palatine tonsils (often just referred to as the “tonsils”), and the lingual tonsils. When tonsillar tissue enlarges, it can cause obstruction.


Ears provide sensory information for communication and speech development and are a critical part of our daily interactions with each other. When the ears are not feeling well or functioning properly, they need to be properly diagnosed and treated. Dr. Magill is an expert in diagnosing and treating problems with the ears.


The thyroid gland is an essential endocrine organ located in front of the trachea and has a right and left lobe that are connected by an isthmus. The thyroid produces thyroid hormone, calcitonin, and works to regulate body metabolism and homeostasis. The gland can become impaired from autoimmune processes and other diseases.


The throat is a mucosal and muscular tube that begins behind the nose and leads down to where the esophagus and windpipe (trachea) separate food and air from each other. The throat contains the pharynx and larynx and is critical for eating, breathing, and communication. Throat discomfort can occur from dryness, infection, acid reflux, foreign body ingestion, and cancer, to name a few.

Cancer care

Head and neck cancer can affect the way a person eats, talks, and breathes. Cancer of the mouth and throat may cause pain, weight loss, and impact how a person lives their life. Head and neck cancer can be caused by exposures to tobacco or other carcinogens and can also be related to viral infection, such as the human papilloma virus (HPV).

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